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suluboya Şekli


Evin was born in Bursa, Turkey.

In Lithuania, which he visited in 2010 for a project, he found the opportunity to work with Darius Minse, one of the country's prominent photographers, and stepped into the world of photography taking it up as a hobby.

Between 2012-2016, he completed his undergraduate education by receiving a bachelor of science degree from the State University of New York, USA.

His first 59-second commercial, “Rox Cappadocia”, which he directed in 2016, was screened in all movie theaters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Wellington for a month under the "Drone Film Festival Australia and New Zealand" as well as many international festivals and was awarded several times.

The organizations and brands he has worked with to date include:
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, TRT Belgesel, Fox TV, ATV, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ford, Ford Trucks, Fiat, Opet, Eti, Trendyol and so on.

In addition to the commercials and music videos he has directed, his first short-length documentary "The Silent Stage " was completed in 2021, and the film’s festival journey goes on.

Evin currently continues his master’s education at the Department of Cinema and Television, Bilgi University.



  • Moscow Russia International Film Festival - nominee - Official selection

  • Sessions By Lift-Off Global Network - official selection

  • First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions - official selection

  • Top Shorts - Best Documentary - award winner (October 2021)

  • New York Film Awards - Best Documentary - award winner (October 2021)

  • 5th International Folklore Film Festival 2022 - India - Official Selection

  • Anatolia International Film Festival - Finalist

  • Los Angeles Film Awards - Honorable Mention: DocumentaryThe Silent Stage - Uğur Evin - award winner (November 2021)

  • Red Dragon Creative Awards - Best Documentary - Award winner

  • Sound on Screen Music Film Festival - Official Selection



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