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Documentary | 24m | 2021

The music scene, which is always the first to shut down during earthquakes, mining disasters, terrorist attacks at home and abroad, came to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though perceived as only “entertainment”, music is an indispensable element of art and one of the essential things that bring people together. 

The shutdown process that started before the pandemic has now entered an even more serious phase. During this time, many musicians have had to get by selling away their instruments while there have also been those who committed suicide.  

The 25’ documentary "The Silent Stage" narrates what people in the music industry in Turkey have gone through during the pandemic. 

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Eski Bir Sokaktan Galata Kulesi


| 1 season / 12 episodes | 2021

1870 Beyoğlu yangınında yanan ahşap binaların yerine Avrupa’dan ithal bir konut tarzı olarak yapılan apartmanların yapım sürecini, hikayelerini, kimlerin yaşadığını ve günümüze kadar uzanan hikayelerini anlatan arşiv değeri taşıyan bir belgesel.

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